Saturday 2 February 2019

Well Hello Strangers!

So yes its been a while since my last post  lets update you on a few things.

Longarm Quilting Service - if you were not aware I have a longarming business, welcome to my world!

If you would like to know more please contact me so I can give you all the details and we can discuss your requirements.

I have updated my teaching Schedule for upcoming classes and workshops. See the separate tab above for details.

I am currently working on a website that will cover all these details, so I can get back to using a blog, as well as my Instagram account.

This year I will be working on releasing some of my patchwork patterns as well as some quilting design patterns.  Exciting times!

In other news,  Lilly continues to fill my life with such joy and this little monster has taken up residence in the house creating chaos and calm in equal measure.

So that's me up to date! 

How are you you all doing  Are you still out there?

So to keep a certain Mini Archie happy, I can confirm I have been furtling along all this time, making things I can't share quilting other peoples quilts, and generally being far more productive this year.  
Hopefully, and I stress it is just a hope, I will get on here more often to keep you all in the loop about what this Longarmed Lady really is up to while she is down with the faries at the bottom of the garden in her shed! 

And I may have a few tea cakes popped in the cupboard for emergencies of the MA kind!  I've linked up to the monthly Furtle MA!


Archie The Wonder Dog said...

I'm here! *waves* It's lovely to see you back blogging, maybe you'll furtle with us? *hopeful face*

Sarah said...

Lovely to see you here again. I hope you can share more regularly again. Mwah!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Fankoo for mentioning me, mine furtling, and, of course, Teacayks *blows kisses* And fankoo for linking up *waves pompoms*

Sheila said...

Hi Trudy!
Just like the old days, lol.

quirkyhannah said...

Hi Trudi! Lovely to see you here too. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you at retreat and your plans :) said...

Hi Trudi and adorable Lilly! Lovely to know you're furtling along out there. Seeing your blog has reminded me I need to spur myself into action and liase with you about long-arming my quilt, it's on my February to-do list!

Marianne said...

So lovely to "see" you again, Trudi. Hope you are doing well.

Many greetings,