Sunday 7 April 2013

FAL Q2 - the list!

It's time to declare my 'to finish' list for the coming quarter
so I can link up with our lovely leader Leanne

so although I haven't had the official 
'those are not finishes' just yet

in anticipation, lets start with

#1 The Big Blocks, now affectionately known as That'll do Pig!
one top, needs quilting and binding 

#2 Brit Bee LynneBob top, to be quilted and bound

#3 this start quilt, from an on-line tutorial, which it seems I have since lost the instructions for! Ooops.
Its clogging up my dining table right now, all the cutting is done, bar borders, and a good portion of piecing is at least started.  So, just the small matter of finish off the piecing, and quilt and bind this baby!  Easy right!

# 4 Overs and Unders, top is done, bonus from last months sickness, just to be quilted and bound.  Ha, Just!

# 5 a miniature star quilt like the big vintage modern one, all cut, piecing started, just need to finish the piecing and quilt, bind and deliver as a shop sample

# 6 Linen cushion - I need to expedite this, its been cut, and the thread is just sitting there,
waiting for some magic to happen, and then I can get it sent to its new home

# 7 Siblings Together Quilt, cut, partially pieced, just have to piece and add the borders, quilt and bind ready for delivery at Fat Quarterly Retreat in July. 

so that's my list.  I promise to do my best to Finish these, in the proper sense this time round :) 
and as its bigger than the last list, its quite a challenge, as you know, I don't make small quilts!  There's some serious quilting to be fitted in between customer quilts and class preparation, oh and the day job! 


Archie The Wonder Dog said...

So that's six quilts and one cushion in three months, plus customer quilts, teaching and work? And the allotment? Good luck with that ;o)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You certainly have your work cut out for you... lots to look at and it's all lovely; you're never bored, one pretty project after another. :)

Annabella said...

*gulp* that's quite a list...'nuf resting, you have quilting to do!

Katy Cameron said...

Good luck! I suspect #3 might be easier if you find the destructions ;o)

Sarah said...

Aim for the stars trudes :-) (just get Trudibobsquarepants finished before those stars please!) ;-P

Sarah said...

Are you planning to sleep at all? Very ambitious, but I'm sure you'll attack that lot with gusto!

sweetypie said...

I trust all these will be finished by Tuesday tea time.......

Catherine said...

Wow, I think you might be even busier than normal!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Well that'll keep you out of mischief for about... 5 years then!!

Di said...

I have been chuckling my way through this post! It is one long and mad list. I will monitor your progress with interest!!! Di x

Judith, Belfast said...

When will our scientists hurry up the cloning process, cos you need several more of yourself!! Either that or lots of red bull! Jxo

Anonymous said...

Wow so ambitious, I'm most excited about the LynneBob quilt- it's such a striking repeat

Vivian said...

I say nothing wrong with ambition and whatever does get done will be a welcome and well deserved finish!

Sally forth!!