Wednesday 27 July 2011

12 Days - Day 6

Well I can say that I definitely got my haircut today

And I definitely went to see Harry Potter with the Teenage Diva

but in between the two I had a call from my friend Jean with a request to take her up to the hospital, she's not been well lately and finally went to see her doctor, who sent her straight up there! 

So this evening I've been cutting for the mystery quilt, but I just feel a little flat, so I'm taking a break and having an early night of it. 

So no productive progress to report today, but  still achieved the planned activities  :)

I guess we can't have it all, all of the time :)

Tomorrow is a new day, and productive progress will be a surprise to you and me both!


Manda said...

Oh well, even super woman needs a bit of a break every now and then :)
I hope your friend is on the mend soon.

Inspiredbyfelix said...

Sounds like a well deserved break to me! wishing your friend well too

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Oh no, Samson??
Hope your friend gets well soon; going straight from the Docs to the hospital is awful, been there with dear son, not a good feeling, but better than not going at all x

Canadian Abroad said...

Sleep well. Hope you wake uo energised. And I think a day spent getting a haircut and seeing a film is well spent. Just a shame about your friend. Hope she is well soon.

QuiltSue said...

Well even Superwomen like you have days when you don't achieve all you wanted. I hope your friend is OK

Judith, Belfast said...

Friends in need take priority - it's good you were there for her. Hope she gets better soon. Take it easy superwoman. Jxo

H said...

I hope your friend feels better soon - how lovely that she thought Good luck with days 7 - 12!