Saturday 23 July 2011

12 Days - Day 1

Day 1

a beautiful start to the day   :)

but I had plans that involved a little trip in the car  ...

well it was a beautiful morning!  I went to the other side of the county to visit my beau!  A little shopping in an old fashioned hardware store, a rare thing indeed!  We were almost in Norfolk/Cambridge!

Then a spree to Springfield's, alas I left the Radley bag behind  :)  Lunch at the garden centre, and a few veg plants for next spring  :)  And home again in time for the teenager to be home from her last day at school for this academic year. 

Time to make good on my promise!

The borders on this quilt top just needed to be added and it would a finished top ...

and a finished top is what we now have!

I've even pieced the backing,

pressed and squared up ready to be loaded onto the frame!

I think we can safely say that day 1 was a complete success! 

I even managed to cut a few more strips for my 36 blocks ...

So what about day 2? 

Well, I would like to move this quilt along to be a completed top

I have all the blocks pieced and just need to lay it out and make some sashing decisions, cut and piece and hey presto!  Wish me luck! 

I have to go into town with the Teenage Diva for school uniform shopping!  A stressful event for both of us!

however, we did manage to get her hair dyed tonight, Berry Red, well it is the summer after all :) 

  1. Day #1 - Jeans's quilt bordered and ready for quilting
I'll try to be back tomorrow with another progress report :)

Happy Summer!


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Arrh, school hols, the start of 8 year olds with mohicans and shaved heads (but not in this house!). Bet the berry red looks pretty cool really!

Looking productive - so far so good x

Manda said...

Def a successful day one! :)

Canadian Abroad said...

I would call that a hugely productive day. And a trip out. Most definitely a holiday feel to your day.

Sheila said...

VG - tick.

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Well done Trudi - you are doing really well on those finishes. But what is project 51? I keep seeing its name cropping up and am curious. You can tell me. Promise I won't tell anyone. I can keep a secret.

QuiltSue said...

Day 1 was definitely a success and I'm sure the other 11 will be too.

As for Project 51, you can tell me too. I won't tell anyone either.

Rhanda said...


tink's mom said...

You're off to a great start. Keep up the good work. By the way it is a very pretty start too. Selina

Judith, Belfast said...

Well done, a v.productive day. I really love the look of your final pic - a QAL? Does this block have a name, I'd love to try it. Jxo

Lis Harwood said...

Starting as you mean to go on I see! Well done you. (Although I have to admit it was the " visit my beau" that grabbed my attention!)

J said...

we love your blue quilt... so pretty

9patchnurse said...

Go girl! One day at a time, lol.