Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Festival Giveaway!

OK a week ago I promised you a giveaway for Festival of quilts if you could tell me which of my quilts were at the Festival and where you could find them. 

I have to say this had you mostly guessing.  I went for the full four days not only to get some workshops in but to give my friend Martha from Machine Quilter, yes the same Martha of the New English Quilter fame, a hand on her stand. 

I'm sure I've mentioned from time to time I have a New English Quilter frame.  Martha had done a post of where she would be and the stand number, that would have been a clue if you had not found me at the show or couldn't make it.  Stand D52.

Not only was the blue and yellow quilt I frantically tacked the binding down on the day before, especially as this was filled with blue fabrics that were very much like the blue and white china Martha is so fond of. 

Also just at the bottom you can see the convergence quilt I recently completed. 

And the Filmstrip quilt. 

No one was exactly right, but Sue of Quilt Times was the closest!   Congratulations Sue, can you please e-mail me your address, it got lost in the laptop crash! 

This is my booty from the show, and among all these goodies are some I will be sending to you :) 

I'd like to thank Martha for letting me help on her stand, Emily for her patience, Brenda for being such a darling and so giving, and Emma for being such a diamond, and I still can't believe we have so much in common! 

Emma, Trudi, Brenda, Emily and Martha.

In the background is Brenda's quilt that was the catalyst for her buying a frame.  She is amazing! It's official!

This quilt is quilted by Brenda on her frame, stunning!  Talk about raising the bar! 

Thank you all, I had such a great time, if a little exhausting  :)


QuiltSue said...

Woohoo, it's me! I'm a winner. It almost seems as though it was meant since I too have a New England frame as you know.

Martha said...

Trudi, you made this show so fun for us!! Thank you for the gorgeous display quilts and all the help and support! It was just wonderful to have a machine quilter of your calibre on hand to demonstrate and answer questions. I now have a beautiful row of your feathers that I cut from the practice piece hanging over my workspace to inspire me to new heights! Thank you so very much for everything!!

Lis Harwood said...

Ha ha, this was a great giveaway idea - even if most of us got it around our necks! Well done QuiltSue. Lovely reports from FoQ - I need a closer shot of your loot please!!

Emma said...

Hi Trudi, great to meet you on the stand at the weekend and to see your fantastic work too. I have New English Quilter too and I was hugely inspired by your work. I think we need to talk Martha into running a retreat for us, a great way to learn from each other!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

WOW, SOME GREAT QUILTING GOING ON! Congrats to Sue, thanks for sharing the festival with us.

Jan Alexander said...

Wow! I didn't get to the FoQ this year :( but you're absolutely right with your comment about raising the bar! The photo of Brenda's quilt is so inspiring. I too have a NEQ, and I haven't attempted anything like that (yet!)