Saturday, 14 August 2010

Christmas Quilt -a-long - Post lunch update!

The quilting is going well, I can report I'm making good progress on it.  I am hoping to have it done by today, a little adventurous maybe, but a girls gotta dream .... right?

So that lovely pile of Spool blocks have been laid out, and then laid out again, jiggled about and then moved some more!  You know how it is  :) 

So this is the layout I've decided on....

I did have red setting triangles, but they just didn't have the effect I was looking for.  Yes, very Christmassy, but all much of a muchness.  Hmmm, I think this charcoal is much better, and will a bit of imagination it will have red in the borders - I think!

So, there you go, I've made some progress, so now it's time to get back at it and charge on a little.

Have you been over to Quilt Times to check out what everyone else who is taking part?  Go, go on, it'll be fun!

There's a button on the sidebar to make it really easy for you....  see you later :)

Happy Quilting!


Joanna said...

Trudi, the layout looks pretty nice. One of my goals is a Christmas quilt too.

Kim Brackett said...

Gorgeous quilt! I love the setting. That fabric looks really nice in the setting triangles.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Love the charcoal great choice.