Thursday 19 November 2009

Mellow Yellow and Yellow Peril - Done, Done, Done!

Thanks to QuiltSue, yes, the second is call Yellow Peril! But they are both done, quilted, done bound, and done delivered! And I am pleased to report that Ilene loves them :o)

Isn't that what we want as quilters, that they go to homes where they will be loved? Well I do anyway!
The border fabric is slightly lighter on yellow peril than it's partner.

It was a very dull morning yesterday, to the pictures aren't brill, and these were taken just before I went out the door with them to Norfolk.
I just want to share the sunrise from this morning! Stunning!
I have lots more to share, I'll be back soon!
Happy Quilting


Lis Harwood said...

And beautiful sunsets to finish off with, wow!

sweetypie said...

what were you doing awake at dawn? did you have a six year old singing old macdonald too?wherte has that nice trim gone from around your title?

Kim said...

Is there anything more lovely than a simple nine patch....what great gifts.
I can't see the sunrise because my house sits in a valley that is heavily treed.........thanks for sharing those pictures.....God certainly knows what He is doing huh?

QuiltSue said...

They both look beautiful, the quilting you did is just fantastic.

Fenland Textile Studio said...

Great to meet you on Saturday and to see the quilt up close. we are so lucky to see these fantastic sunrises!