Saturday 7 November 2009

Chilford Hall Autumn Quilt Festival - Part One

Yesterday I went to Chilford Hall Autumn Quilt Festival, something I'd been looking forward to for some time, as I had missed the International Quilt Festival in Birmingham back in August and the Harrogate Quilt Show back in September. It's a very small venue that can only be described as intimate, but it had a lovely atmosphere and well worth the visit. The vendors are always wonderful, and getting there on the first day (something I'm not normally able to do) made a huge difference to availability of the all important retail therapy!

This is the view into one of three main areas the show takes place, this one housing the quilts on show in the centre and vendors surrounding them. It's a tight squeeze :o) There was a wonderful display of quilts by Joyce Dawe of The Contented Cat entitled 'Quilts from My Princess & the Pea Bed'. So called because she keeps her many quilts laid on a spare bed flat and not folded.

This was my favourite quilt at the show, 'Sheba's Meadow' by Joyce Dawe.

Another of Joyce's quilts 'Around the Bend', which used striped fabrics in the appliques.

'Celtic Cameos' by Joyce Dawe.

'Starburst' by Joyce Dawe, made completely with triangles including the background!

'The Ever Circling Seasons' by Joyce Dawe. There were several quilts at the show, that immediately made me think of V over at Bumble Beans and her 'Stones' quilt. This was one of them.

'Paintbox' by Joyce Dawe, and challenge between Joyce and her daughter Joanne resulted in this beautiful quilt.

There was a display of quilts called 'It's and Illusion' by students of Purely Patchwork.

'A Taste of Teal' by Mary Wilson, Edinburgh, Midlothian.

'Illusion' by Claire Wenham, Torphichen, West Lothian.

'Trial and Error' by Morag Ogston, Falkirk. Her first major quilt project.

'It's an Illusion' by Margaret Linkston, Linlithgow.

'Free at Last' by Wendy McFarlane, Edinburgh, Midlothian. The background fabric in this quilt was a lovely subtle soft lime green, although it's not very clear in this photo. I tried several times, but the light was terrible.
I've got more pics, to follow on from this post ....
Happy Quilting!


sweetypie said...

i especially like the decreasing circles

Unknown said...

Beautiful eye candy! I'm glad you had a great time

Greg said...

Thanks for the pictures. Those are all really nice quilts. I'm glad you finally got to attend a festival.

QuiltSue said...

Thanks for taking us with you.

I am also looking forward to hearing what you bought?