Sunday, 31 March 2013

Shameful Confession

I need to 'fess up 

you see I've been part of a group of quilters who have been doing a round robin, 
in fact, they are now into their second round!  
(lets be clear here, I am not participating in round 2)

to one particular person, I owe a huge apology 
for taking so long over the last round on her top

and lets not beat about the bush here, 6 whole months!

so you can understand why this was on my FAL for Q1 right? 

yes, we are talking the Old Red Barn Ab Fab Free Bees round robin, 
and with Q1 end fast approaching I needed, for my own sanity,
to get this one done!

this has had me stumped for a while, then intimidated by all the other amazing piecing that has gone before me, and then when inspiration struck, I was just so overwhelmed with the tardiness of my timekeeping!  Shamed!

so I started off with an idea of sort of a forest, and a little improv piecing later ... 

managed a whole panel ... I'd toyed with the idea of log cabins, but you know what, 
I just couldn't manage them at the moment and decided to just keep it simple ...

hey presto, a few stylised trees later and my forest is complete!

Now, I've written my confession in the journal, and made my siggy block, and this not so little baby is now ready for posting on Tuesday morning :) 

one last word on this,  I am humbled at Lynz's patience in me completing her top, she did offer to accept it back without my adding anything, and frankly I think I'd have felt worse than I do for taking so long. And trust me, I feel sick to the core over this little escapade!

Thank you Lynz, valuable lessons have been learnt!

so I know declare that as a complete finish for one of my Q1 FAL projects 

YES!  What relief!

ps.  Thank you all for your get well wishes, I am feeling a little better each day, and less deathlike, and clearly more able to function at a basic sewing level. very important.  So thank you, I really appreciate your concerns and well wishes x


Katy Cameron said...

Whew, glad you got it done in the end, I know that whole paralysis by overawe thing, and it's horrible the pressure that builds up! The trees look fab though :o)

Annabella said...

Oh Trudi!! I also totally get the paralysis thing from not doing something and it just gets worse and worse. You poor thing - Lynz is so lovely I'm sure you are completely forgiven and it's so wonderful how could you be not. Good to hear you are feeling much better :)

Leanne said...

I too so get how this happens, and I am sure Lynz does too. It is a lovely piece and I hope that you feel relief now and can move forward again. And glad you are getting better too.

Canadian Abroad said...

You got there in the end and Lynz will love it.

Kirstie Cantegreil said...

I understand that you probably deserved a little finger wagging in your direction for your tardiness (I'm OFTEN finger wagged at for mine!)HOWEVER those beautiful trees and stunning block are enough to forgive you anything!! x

mammafairy said...

I am glad you are starting to feel more like yourself, and those trees are lovely!Good on you for finally getting there!

Nicky said...

Takes time to grow a forest! Worth the wait I'm sure!

Flying Blind... said...

Oh I hate it when that happens - but it feels so good to have it finished!

Keep on the right track xxx

Lynz said...

Ah, dude. This is why I offered to just take it off your hands without an addition - it's fabric, nothing else and SO not worth agonising over. That said, I'm thrilled to bits with what you've done with Whimsy-by-the-Sea. I actually think the straight logs (and not cabins) will mix really nicely with Dena's pasture down the bottom, amIright? It's perfect! Now, weight off the shoulders and go relax and do what feels right whether that is sewing for fun or eating chocolate!

Archie the wonder dog said...

It must be a relief to have it done, especially as you did it so beautifully! Get well soon xx

Judith, Belfast said...

That's what I love about this quilting/blogging community - so patient, generous and kind! Love your trees - I'm sure L will think it was well worth the wait! Jxo

Cindy said...

Look at your lovely trees! Lynz will absolutely love them.

QuiltSue said...

I think that would have been well worth waiting for, it looks great.

Hope you're continuing to feel better, that flu bug really is a horrible one isn't it?

heart of charnwood said...

It is fab, but that is quite some confession, and i don't feel half so bad now about being a little more than a week overdue for my hand printing- who knew you were such a naughty renegade! :o)