Saturday, 7 November 2009

Chilford Part 3 - What you've really been waiting for!

Edited Note: Part 2 of the quilt photo's has been published below Part 1 :o)

OK, I've not bought kits for years, but this one was an impulse buy, and shouted at me!
Another kit, which I had seen displayed back at the Spring show way back in March this year, Another impulse buy, but hey... what the heck!

Funny how they are both similar colours, hmmm a blue and brown phase is approaching ?

Yep, blue and browns for a sneaky little idea that's nagging its way to the front of my brain and won't be still!

I saw a stunning quilt done in black and whites, and as soon as I saw it, it was one of those patterns that just made sense! Watch out for a leaders and enders project to be done with these

I actually went with my mum's Christmas quilt in mind, and these are some of the fabrics I bought, the colour hasn't come through too well, they are warm taupe's with a pinkish hue.
And these are the ones I will be using. The background fabric I picked up at my LQS recently, it has that opulent feel that my mum would like, it needs to go well with the wallpaper in the bedroom. Nothing like a challenge! (Hence the wishy washy look of the fabrics too)

I walked passed this little roll of 4" strips several times, and it goes so well with the blue and brown collection too!

I had been tempted having found this pattern on the web recently, but felt that shipping from Australia seemed a little decadent for just a pattern, so when I saw this along with many others I just had to. And it will be used as inspiration for my Fall Mini Swap quilt.

So those were my purchases. I spent far more than I anticipated, but am really pleased with the stash that came home with me!
I've loaded up the first of the yellow nine patch quilts onto the frame and have started quilting. Most of my quilts get an all over pattern, some have been more intricately quilted. These I am keeping to the blocks, which is a different way for me! I hope to have something to show you soon :o)

Happy Quilting!


Greg said...

Pardon while I wipe the drool from my chin!! Those are nice fabrics and can't wait to see the completed projects.

Lis said...

Oh oh oh, I'll have to have a little lie down to get over the gorgeousness of your haul! Great shopping Trudi :)

QuiltSue said...

There are some stunning fabrics there. If you've changed your mind about any of them, you know my address!