Saturday, 7 November 2009

Chilford Hall - Part Two

OK, so here is the second part of the Chilford Quilt Festival, I confess I only took pics of the quilts I liked. One of the exhibitions was a display of quilts by Joan Weston 'A Painters Approach to The Quilt'.

'Milford Sound Stained Glass Window' was stunning, the movement and colour were wonderful.

'Small Milford Sound Quilt' inspired from a visit to Milford Sound, New Zealand. The border fabric was bought whilst on the trip.
A close up of the stained glass of this quilt - amazing!
'Bath Quilters Challenge' displayed their quilts from 2007 challenging members to create something using the challenge fabrics.

'Dreamtime - 3 am' by Angelina Monks, Bristol. This was another quilt that took me straight back to V's 'Stones' quilt, and to coin the phrase it's had "... the dog quilted out of it..."

'Swirling Waters' by Josephine Holloway, Bristol.

One of the most talked about displays of quilts was 'The Pam Bono Roadshow - UK Exclusive' presented by the Pam Bono Design Team.

I found the quilting on these quilts really stunning, I know they are done by Long Armers, but it certainly gives you food for thought and something to aspire to.

'Rambling Rose' pieced by Susan Clark and quilted by Mary Nordeng. These were all huge quilts. You can see this one just about touches the floor!

'Forget Me Not' pieced by Susan Clark, quilted by Mary Nordeng. (The little orange basket held gloves for use to look at the backs of the quilts - The quilt police were not in evidence!)

'Out of the Darkness' designed and pieced by Pam Bono, quilted by Faye Gooden.

'New Beginnings' designed and pieced by Pam Bono, quilted by Faye Gooden. A block of the month series in memory of 9/11, this particular quilt celebrates the survivors. The quilting was outstanding on this one, I took loads of shots to inspire me :o)

There was a lovely display by Phat Qwarters called 'Poetic Licence' a group that formed to challenge themselves to become more experimental in their work.
'Sea Fever' by Sue Waddleton, Somerset, this was her first venture into abstract quilting.

'Spirit of The Frost' by Stella Hammond, Somerset.

'The Sun in His Jealous Sky' by by Joan Dawson, Somerset.

'Veil on Veil of Evening' by Joan Dawson, Somerset.

I found the quilting detail on this really quite inspirational, I love the addition of big bold stitches, and how the directional changes change the appearance of the piece.

I just wanted to give you a sneak peek of another of Pam Bono's quilts, but I am planning a separate post about this one for Wednesday.

The quilting is stunning!

I have seen many three dimensional quilts, all done very well, and this one was no exception.

'In the Darkness the Light Shines' by Louise Mabbs, Hove, East Sussex.

View from the left.

View from the right.
And finally .... no show is worth it's salt without at least one Dear Jane Quilt!

The one 'Commemorating Jane' by Joyce Dawe of 'The Contented Cat', the sum of 12 years work! Now that is dedication!
Still to come in Part 3 - a little retail therapy!
Be right back!


Greg said...

two words.... WAY COOL!!!

Lis said...

A lovely collection of quilts, and so many that were also at Harrogate, maybe I'll aim for Chilford next year, it's a bit nearer too. I loved the Milford Sound project - we're off there next spring :)

QuiltSue said...

Interesting that the Joyce Dawes, Pam Bono and Louise Mabbs collections were all at the Harrogate show too.

Now, here's a secret, just between us: I am not a big fan of Pam Bono's quilts, BUT, the quilting is absolutely stunning on them.

Mary said...

Hello, I am glad to know that the Pam Bono Road Show was so well received. One correction, however. New Beginnings was actually quilted by me, not Faye. Faye did quilt the Out of the Darkness, which was completed before I began doing Pam's quilting. I am thrilled with all the positive feedback on my quilting. It's been fun reading everyone's comments.

Mary Nordeng