Monday 26 January 2015

Finish Along 2015

Yes, I'm going to join in again!

Well I was!  i just didn't get my act together, so rather than deleting the post I wrote but didn't publish, I'm declaring myself now!

I may not get everything done,but it helps me focus. 
and that is something that should be 'cultivated'

so if you hadn't heard, Adrianne, from On the Windy Side is running the show this year, and as always, there are sponsors, though the joy of finishing is enough, a little 'encouragement' can go a long way! 

so my list for Quarter One - a modest one for me!  

#1  Sarah's Cushion - something to make of the piecing that didn't quite work out for its original intention

(Ive posted pictures before, but couldn't find it at the time of writing)

#2  B&J quilt - oh its been ongoing since 2013, it just needs borders and quilting and binding and all that jazz. Time it got finished right? 

#3 Weekender bag - Nuff said!

(no picture of partial bag available, but witnesses have seen it!) 

#4  Imagine Quilts - loads of piecing to be done, but a happy slow burner

#5  Table Runner - cut ready for making

#6  Vintage Modern Quilt  -  Oh just quilting, binding and finishing off!

Very modest right?

No Linking up done, just for fun this quarter for me, to keep me on track!
Better late than never right!


Sarah said...

Nice list. Bet you could clear those all in a weekend if you didn't have paying jobs to keep you busy. It will be nice to get some of them across the finish line.

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

I hope this quarter goes well, even though you didn't manage to link up!

Sarah said...

hahaha cant tell you how delighted I am that I'm on that list... I could do with finishing... lol x