Friday 11 April 2014

FAL Quarter 2 - Madness

Oh, its madnes I tell ya! 
but hey, we are all in it together right? 
time to declare my own state of insanity:
#1 Sunnyside Quilt (carried forward from last qtr) - just needs quilting and finishing!

#2  Kaffe/batik quilt top (carried forward from Qtr 1) - just needs quilting and finishing!

I know there are some that really need this off my list and cannot wait til my FAL list is batik free! I'll try to oblige this month :) 

#3 Union Jacks - need to finish this one and get it ready to send to a freind the other side of the pond. 

#4 Rapture Quilt - oh how I want to get this one done!  I have a plan and everything!

#5 Scrumptious HST quilt - another I need to finish soon.  Needs to become a class sample

#6 PB&J Kaliedescope quilt -  if any are going to slip, this is it!  (carried forward from Qtr 1)

#7 Oriental top (carried forward from Qtr 1) - just needs quilting and finishing!

#8 Vintage Moder Quilt - would like to get this one quilted at least so I know if I am going to enter it into Festival this year!

Its been hanging up waiting for a quilting opening for some time.

#9  Sprinkles - I pattern tested this for Sue recently, (must blog about it) and I'd like it done fast!

#10 More Pattern Testing, this one for Megan - love it so much I must finish it!

currently picked up and labeled into a bag waiting for an opportunity to sit and sew.
#11 and just for Sarah - Hunters Star quilt - Gulp!  this one is a monster, with more piecing than a box of dropped crockery!  Jury's out I'm afraid - but it made the list all the same!

Hmm, 2011 on the box!

#12  Big Star quilt (carried forward from Qtr 1) - honestly, I just need to finish binding the thing!

#13 and I forgot about these, til I got home, 2 Baby Quilts, part of  #BritBeeForever and Hadley is waiting to add the binding, on her list, so I need to quilt, trim and post to Hadley, so she can bind.  Definitely a joint effort here by the whole of the Brit Bee!

#14 Peppered Cottons quilt - these have been together since I bought them, ooooh at least 2 months ago!  

nothing like a deadline (even a self imposed one!)
So, there you go, some oldies, some goodies and some that haven't seen the light of day for a few years!  I managed more than a 50% finish rate last quarter, lets see if I can do any better this time!   Linking this up with all the others over with Katy.

I only have 6 customer quilts booked in so far, 2 articles to write, a custom quilt to make from scratch and write a pattern for, and teaching dates, that I know of in the next 3 months!  I should manage something!


Nicky said...
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Nicky said...

Ok 15 on my list but you have all those other things like work, quilting other people's quilts, teaching et al so I bow to your extreme list! Good luck looking forward to half of this list being finished and see you on the other side!

Nicky said...
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heart of charnwood said...

Wow, that's quite some list, best of luck with it, but we all know you're superwoman so I have faith you'll get a big pile of these done!

Sarah said...

Wow! Great list. At least 50% of this ginormous list would still be an amazing result. Thank you for showing your Hunter's Star - I am full of new appreciation for how much piecing the blocks take but they are so beautiful when finished. Look forward to seeing more of your blocks in due course.

Rachael said...

that is madness haha but I'm sure you'll get it all done!

Katy Cameron said...

Yeah, so not much on at all really... ;o)

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Go! Go! Go Troods xxx

QuiltSue said...

Pheww, and I thought you were busy in Q!.

Marly said...

You're planning so much, you'll never have a dull moment. Good luck In finishing them all.

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

I think you, Nicky and Susan are having a competition to see who can make the most people nervous about the length of your list! Good luck!

Catherine said...

Wow Trudi that is some list! Good luck!!

pennydog said...

That is really some list, however that makes achieving some finishes more likely I suppose!