Wednesday 24 August 2011

Taking a Load off for a Blog Hop

It's that time of the day to sit down and enjoy a nice cuppa, well it is here in my house :) 

So, whilst I take a load off, I'm heading over to say hi to my friend Sue over at Quilt Times

Why?  Well, Sue is an Published Author don't ya know! 

And to celebrate, she is hosting a Blog Hop.  First up is Hazel Quilts, who I was very privileged to meet at Festival of Quilts.  So, whilst I sit and sip my cuppa tea, why don't you join me and head over here and read all about it, and then go visit Hazel, she'd love to see you :)  And you could win a signed copy of Sue's book! 

Oh, and I have been busy, but shh, I can't tell you about it just yet! 

Happy Quilting!


QuiltSue said...

Kettle's on here too for anyone who'd like to pop in!

Sarah said...

Hope "busy" is going well ;-)

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

I love 'busy' xx

Hazel said...

Piece of lemon drizzle cake with that cup of tea, anyone? (it won 2nd prize at the allotment show, don'cha know!)

Lynne said...

I have this book and it's really good. The quilts ans info are excellent.

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

*busy* has me intrigued! Hope it's going well!