Sunday 16 January 2011

Quick Blocks and a Stash Report

A busy weekend of procrastination, shed clearing and a little last minute sewing.... and by last minute I mean tonight!  (In fact I've still got the ironing to do, I guess it will be last minute ironing of school uniform in the morning!  Ooops!)

Annie's Choice blocks for Elizabeth, a member of the Many Jeans group I belong to... lots of half square triangles but well worth it imho!

The start of another set of Anita's Arrowhead blocks made with a layer cake.  The colours are slightly off, that's a definite Wedgwood blue.  (or for those of you who know what the blue of RAF shirts is,  that's it!)

I've been reading over the last couple of years, yes it's really been that long! many stash reports, and I figured it's time I took responsibility for my stash.  Perhaps make it work harder for me, maybe try a little self justification over the amount of fabric I buy.  I'm aiming for less this year, though I can't promise  ... :)

So with the pink strippy quilt, the Anita's Arrowheads quilt (that I'm sewing binding down on) and the fabrics I cut for my round of The Bees Knees vq bee, I can happily report there is no stash in, that's right zilch, zero, nada!  And a grand total of 25 meters busted this year!  Not a dent to be seen anywhere!  LOL


QuiltSue said...

You've already used 25 metres?? Wow!!!!!!
I love the blocks, but specially the Arrowhead blocks.

Gina said...

Love the blocks.
I thought every one ironed school uniforms early on Monday morning, that's what Monday mornings are for aren't they

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Jan said...

Hi remember me ?Jan from the Cambridge Fens I havent been able to access your blog for ages ,I came via my favourites ,saved your Madam Samm entry !,lovely to be able to see/read ! you again,see you are as busy as ever ,doing some fantastic work ,ahh ,ironing school uniform ,(takes me back ) I had four children so that was Sunday evening taken care off Jan xx