Tuesday 21 September 2010


We had a glorious day today, the sun shone and I stayed home and sewed.  :)  (instead of heading to the allotment for doing some weeding!)

I was pleased to get Jen's blocks done, and can now get these back in mail to her post haste!

Perhaps I've been a little reluctant in doing most things lately, I have a large to do list and these just have to move off from it.

When I was taking part in last months Christmas Quilt along with Sue from Quilt Times I started a project that was to be a leaders and enders.  I chose to use Aviary from Moda.   A really pretty range of fabrics, very soft, and summery.  Now perhaps it was a bit of Freudian slip, doing Christmas in August but still choosing such summery fabrics.  When I thought about it today I realised the perhaps I'm a little reluctant to let go of the summer.  Maybe this was my way of hanging on.  It is fitting to finish this top on such a glorious day!

This is such a pretty top, I think I may be savouring this one in the depths of winter just to remember the warmth of the sun on the first day of autumn.  Thanks to Kim for another great pattern!

I'm not ready for autumn, let alone a long cold winter!

Happy quilting!


Betsy said...

I love your blocks. Is this a specific pattern or are you designing these yourself?

QuiltSue said...

That's beautiful, and I see what you mean about it being summery.

Kim Brackett said...

I really love those staggered strip blocks. They look fun. And the Aviary fabrics are perfect in the quilt. That's such a pretty fabric line.

I'm not looking forward to winter, either, but I'm definitely ready for the heat and humidity to go away.

Kim said...

Oh you've been busy Trudi!
Lovely colors in the new top and love those little mug rugs.......
thanks for all your positive comments and visiting my little blog........its been slim pickens for sewing here.......I'm redoing the kitchen.

Happy Sewing,