Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Pea Room Picturetastic!

Firstly, to the ladies of the Pea Room Quilters of Heckington I would like to thank you for a wonderful exhibition, and secondly to those I have not acknowledged to your quilt or if I have the details wrong, I am sorry

Get yourself a cup of your favourite drink, and enjoy! 

This was my favourite! 

The Long Borders, by Tina Slipper.  Stunning!

This beautiful whole cloth was made by Janet Dickenson (I think)  made after a workshop with Lilian Hedley.

I love roman stripe quilts they are so versatile, and can look so different, this one definitely speak Christmas!

This was stunning, the stitching was amazing.

It was difficult to get the colour just right on this cot size whole cloth by Doreen Hallett.

This is by Angela Daymond, and I can't remember it's title, as she changed it!  You may have seen it at Festival of Quilts.

A visit to grandma's house!  The hand stitching was wonderful.

Union Jelly, by Liz Hands.

The group has a challenge section, each quilter was given a piece of fabric and challenged to piece a small quilt with it.  These are some that caught my eye!

Spirit of Japan by Angela Daymond

Joan made this whilst we were at Grimsby on retreat back in May!

There were also some traders there, Quilt Essentials (I think)  and The African Fabric shop.  Now I have to confess, I made a pinkie promise a week or so ago with the Teenage Diva that I would not buy any more fabric for 2 months!  (with a sub clause of borders backings and bindings only if absolutely necessary!)  And I was true to my word, I didn't buy any.  But this lovely basket did make it home with me!

Happy Quilting! 


Lis Harwood said...

Your Bolgatanga basket is bigger than my Bolgatanga basket!! Great post, what wonderful quilts, and very skilled makers. Thanks for sharing your visit.

Jan said...

Oh Bliss ,you did say relax with a drink and enjoy,well I did and let my coffee go cold ,arent they sensational ...love Jan xx