Monday 19 April 2010

And the winners are....

Thanks to my daughter, who looked a little perplexed at being asked to choose 3 numbers between 1 and 7, came up with the following:

5 - Sweetypie!
3 - Jan
7 - Kim

So as a birthday present from me, I will make you each a hand made gift and send it to you, you will then pass on this privaledge to 3 more people and pay it forward to them! You get a whole year to do this, so no need to pressure yourself.  We all have busy lives in one way or another  :)

Jan and Kim if you would e-mail me your snail mail so when I have made something ready to send I know where it's going.   Sweetypie, no need, I think I know where you live!  LOL

So now I need to get busy! or should that be busier!

Happy quilting! 

(sorry no pics, still on a borrowed lappy)


Jan said...

Oh Trudi ,do you mean me ,,oh Gosh Jan xx

sweetypie said...

thankyou thankyou happy birthday!

Qubie said...

I see we no longer have the same background on our blog. :-)

I hope you get to feeling better and the lap top is back soon.

You take care. There is no rush. I still have work to be done here before I can even dream of fishing up what I have given you.

How is that for being vague?


Anonymous said...
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Kim said...

Oh me :0)! yeah.......
how cool :0)
thanks Trudi.
I hope you get your computer back soon!

Happy Sewing