Friday, 19 February 2010

Meet Ausie and his cousins ...

This is Ausie, the little gecko, he's off to the land of Oz for a thank you to someone! I hope she like him. He was inspired by a gift from this person. I just have to make a label and he'll be off to warmer climes.

I went to a raw edge applique workshop, not that I'd never done it before, and this was the project. So the middle man is Zebedee, on account of his stripes, (it's a childhood reference) the other pair are Spotty and Dotty! The last bit of applique I did was for V, and really loved it then too! Note to self, must do something more with raw edge applique!

The piece of wadding I took for the class was slightly too small, hence the appearance of Ausie above! These will be layered and free motion quilted on my domestic machine rather than the frame. Sometime soon I hope.

So I think that counts as another finish for this month!
Happy Quilting!

ps. note for Tina: I promise not to send him till you've had a chance to inspect!


Unknown said...

Beautiful. I really love your geckos. Where did you find such a design, or did you create this delightful design yourself? It is inspiring and I'd certaily like to make one! I love geckos!

I think your friend is going to certainly enjoy this quilt. Congrationals on another Great finish!


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

great geckos! ;-) was it my little houses you were working on? hugs

sweetypie said...

oh I love them they are lovely ,love the tinypipeing youv' inserted too, just adds that certain some thing , hope you have saved the pattern...have you looked at my blog- you are a bad influence on me..

Lis Harwood said...

Hi Trudi, made it to NZ! Love the geckos and your design really shows off the fabric. Fabric is very expensive here...I shall have to be a bit thoughtful about what I buy, don't want to accidently buy something I could get when I get home, unless I really need it while I'm here of course!!

QuiltSue said...


Great geckos.

Barb said...

Love Aussie!!!

Anonymous said...

It's great and love the fabrics.
The geckos made me smile.