Wednesday 27 May 2009


As I make slow progress in getting the home I want, getting there seems like such a long journey. But progress has been made, I have my new fire installed, a new floor laid through the front of the house and in the process of being laid in the back too. The down side, I have appliances in my kitchen, not necessarily connected, and that is all!

Creatively I feel stifled. I have no place to lay out the four quilts I have waiting for this process. My sewing machine has been relegated to the office, and because of this, I cannot even quilt on my frame. Patience is not something that come easily to me. But then I guess you already worked that one out for yourselves when you look at the erratic way I work on my quilts. So no sewing to report on, just lots of dreaming!

Hand work! do I hear you yelling into your screen? The kitchen contents had to go somewhere, so my makeshift kitchen is set up in the living room, along with the dining table and the contents of the kitchen cupboards. It's like squatting in a bedsit! I am Soooooooo looking forward to an end to all the chaos.

What chaos is happening in your world?


Linda Schiffer said...

I LOVE the photo -- I feel like that woman obviously does on a daily basis. :) Where did you get the picture?

I have total sympathy for your situation, having been through renovations. :P I find that I have to do some sewing of some kind or I get really nuts -- twitchy and grouchy.

Maybe a little embroidery or english paper piecing? It's easy enough to sew fabric around paper pieces and helps your blood pressure.

:) Linda

Trudi said...

It's a great pic, I found it on Google Images! I have somepiecing I can do this weekend that doesn't require laying out, But the floor is all done now, so I can sweep and lay out in the kitchen, not much else in there after all ... hehe