Monday, 28 March 2011

Great mail!

I have to tell you about some great mail over the last week or so!

I am thrilled to be the lucky, no very lucky recipient of a Madame Samm Cuppa Cozie, made specially for me!

Isn't she a beauty!  I love her sew much, thank you Madame Samm :)

And look, she even matches my work apron!  lol

And if you are quick you too could win your own Cuppa Cozie made by Madame Samm, she has a giveaway on her blog right now!  Go, quick!  And Do watch the video  :)

And.... yes..... and... during the March Christmas Quiltalong, I won a prize from Sue over at Quilt Times

A beautiful hand made journal.  Thank you Sue, I just love the quilting  :)  I can use this to track all my prep for Christmas through the year!

Happy Quilting! 


Jan said...

Congratulations on winning such lovely gifts Jan xx

Kim said...

Oh I will go try and goodness how very lovely.....both gifts are so divine.
I really must make some nice giveaways.

Well I do have a giveaway on my blog from Quiltmaker mag. go check it out Trudi.

Happy Sewing

kwiltmakr said...

It is so nice to receive such lovely things in the mail.

Wendy said...

Congratulations on the wins ... the cozy is, of course, spectacular with the dainty ruffle under the fantastic stitched saying. I really like the idea of keeping track of your Christmas projects in your journal, which I have to agree, the quilting is marvelous. Thank you for sharing!!