Friday, 4 March 2011



And another thing!  Did you notice March snuck in?

Well, life has been a little busy lately, work, work, and a little extra work.  Now that was nice!  More than nice, in fact!  I'd been asked by Martha of Machine Quilter to help with a quilting retreat aimed directly at enabling quilters learn skills to quilt on their New English Quilter frame.  As I've been quilting prolifically on mine for the last 3 and a half years, and living only 30 minutes away, of course I said yes!

We had a wonderful, full and productive weekend spent blissfully drawing, quilting, playing and exploring.  I can highly recommend the hospitality of Chaplin House bed and breakfast if you are visiting Lincolnshire, we were fed and watered with the most mouth watering, delicious food, that was organic and local, and always where possible, home made, including the most marvelous jams, and a fruit pavlova that personally pushed me over the edge!

And we even played with feathers!  What a star you are Emma!

And we learned a lot about threads  :)  Great Threaducation from Martha!

Gosh has a week gone by already! 

And in other news ....
I got all my threads in one place ... and my little angel has a little perch to watch over me whilst I sew.  A very special gift, hand made by a friend, Sarah.  Such a talented lady  :)

Happy Quilting!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to March...looks like you had a nice meeting!=)

Lynz said...

March was a sneaky sneaker, wasn't he? I couldn't believe it either!

I could use some threaducation myself! Looks like a fun gathering!

Emily said...

Trudi it looks like you need some more thread - your stand isn't full yet! ;) x

Madame Samm said...

Enabling..ohhh I would never do that...but I can certainly be taken my your thread holder...enable me your happy daize is taking shape...sounds like you are in a new space...figuratively speaking lol