Saturday, 17 July 2010

a little detour...

Now most of you know I have an allotment, but many ask how big it is, so I thought we'd take a detour to the allotment so see how it's doing.  I took these photo's only a week ago, and with all the rain (that was so desperately need) it has changed some since!

So this is the view up the whole allotment from front to back way beyond that shed!
The garlic is looking pretty ready to come out now, and we've nearly eaten all the beetroot that is there with it.  You can see we have started on the potatoes too!

Plenty of onions that will hopefully last us through the winter this year.

The borlotti beans are all the way to the tops of the canes and some now, there is also some French beans, but they were planted late, thanks to the slugs eating the first lot.  You can just see some of the delphiniums in the background.

The pumpkins (Crown Prince) have completely filled this area and are threatening the courgettes (zucchini) too!  We are harvesting them every other day.  Got any good recipes?  I've got carrots hidden under the mesh warding off the dreaded fly.

Yep, it really is a shed!  the plot goes all the way to that big tree at the back left meeting the gardens of the houses. 

So this is the view back down towards the from from the shed.

Need I explain the sweet peas? the smell is wonderful!  They are next to the broad beans that are doing very well.

All the way up the top is the leeks and corn, more beetroot too!  The leeks have done exceptionally over the last week and the rain, sort of baby leek size if you like eating them that size. 

Oops. wrong way up! 

So this is the view back down the allotment to my car in the far distance!  Pretty long! Yep, there is fruit in that cage affair, and of course it couldn't all be immaculately planted and tended, there's always work to do!  I still have some parsnips to find under the weeds, but those that have been liberated are doing great. 

I know there's nothing quilty in there, hence the slight detour, but I hope you enjoyed the tour of my allotment, and normal quilty service will resume very shortly  :)

Happy Quilting!


Chris John said...

A little detour is good for the soul. You gave me the opportunity to smell the delphiniums, sweet peas, garlic, leeks, corn ...

QuiltSue said...

Good grief, it's HUGE. It must take a lot of time to keep that under control?

Lis said...

An allotment is a quilt in its own way, a pattern of colour and texture and taste. Yours looks brilliant, I don't know where you find the time but it's well worth it. Love the addition of the flowers - good for the bees too. Cool shed!! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed my walk around your patch this morning.

Joanne said...

Thanks for the detour! Great allotment - it all seems to be growing so well!

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

That's very impressive -- and very tidy. I would be ashamed for you to see my "garden" that produced just enough tomatoes for the mocking birds. I couldn't be upset with them -- what few tomatoes we had were really good, even if they were deformed. :)

Emma said...

Hi, finally catching up!Did you get a chance to see my post about your beautiful postcard? Your quilts are so neat & my work so messy!

Your allotment is stunning, I've got a small veg patch wich desperately needs tending but it's a bit like Novemeber at the moment:)

Loved all those quilts, especially Tina S & Angela D - I'm getting postcards from them, too, can't wait! & was that a lovely Julie from Mixed Media quilt I saw?

Can you believe my son was helping me on ebay yesterday looking at Joseph S shoes?! (one day I'll manage on my own!) I'd LOVE ones like yours but I need a backing as I fall off the slightest heel ;) Thanks for joining!

bellsjo said...

I loved your detour! My allotment does not look half as tidy as yours! I too am burried under courgettes at the moment. We had courgette tempura the other day which was really nice.