Thursday, 22 July 2010

Hacking Headache!

If you have had strange e-mails from me, I am really sorry, I appear to have been either hacked or picked up a worm.  Though I have pretty strong protocols in place, it hasn't stopped it happening.  I have done a full system scan and did not locate any worm so I think the hacker is most likely. I have re-adjusted the security levels. 

I promise to only send you e-mails that have subject headers and I am certainly not in the habit of sending links to my friends without some sort of contact first.  Please feel free to delete any e-mail from me that does not have a subject header immediately.  I will not be offended.  If it is a legitimate contact, you can be sure I can contact you by alternative means to check you got my message. 

To all of you that may have been affected by this, I am truly sorry. 


QuiltSue said...

I haven't had anything, but thanks for the warning. There seems to be a lot of it about at the moment, sadly.