Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Double Delight Progress

I made good progress with my Double Delight over the weekend. I finally decided on corner blocks. I hadn't retained my left overs from the nine patches. I've agonised over the corner treatment, whether to put something in, or to keep them plain. I am completely out of cheddar so this was not an option, no matter how good it would look. I felt that some sort of star would be in keeping with the blocks of the quilt. But which one? Low and behold I found this 'Hope Star' in Judy Hopkins book Around the Block. The soft pink of the setting triangles works well with the border fabric and the blue echo's the square in square blocks of the quilt. Attaching the blocks and borders late at night is never a good idea. You know its time to stop when you've sewn the final corner block on the wrong way round, twice! It was late, well that' my excuse and I'm sticking to it :o)