Tuesday, 14 August 2012


My phone that is! It was there, I knew it was there, I just don't remember picking it up when I left. When I went back to check, it was. ... Gone!

so I do have a new phone and sim card, same number for those of you that have it. I just don't have any of yours, so if you are trying to get hold of me, I,won't know it's you, so please give me a clue or send me your number so I can update this really awful cheap phone I'm now suffering with!

Thanks for understanding :)

See you at Festival, find me on stand A46 and B36-38 come and say Hi!


Katy Cameron said...

Lol, nutter, hope you find it soon!

Sarah said...

Will text you tomorrow :-) Hope it all goes well!

QuiltSwissy said...

Ohhh! I feel for you. Recent memories of my stolen purse. Luckily my phone was not in it. Everything else was though!!

Archie the wonder dog said...

I hope it turns up soon! Enjoy FoQ!

Judith, Belfast said...

Have an amazing time! Jxo