Saturday, 20 August 2011

Festival Workshops

I did 2 workshops and a one day Masterclass whilst I was at Festival of Quilts this year. 

Thursday I was very honoured to take a Masterclass with Noriko Endo who is known for her Confetti Quilts.

My attempt is now where near the magical images Noriko produces, but I am very pleased it actually looks like the picture it was based on  :) 

I'm looking forward to playing with free motion quilting and some bright threads on this.

Saturday saw me do a quick workshop with Alicia Merrett call Interpreting Kandinsky.

And Sunday morning I did another quick workshop with Gail Lawther on New Zealand Seascapes.

All of these workshops were very different with each one using  a different technique.  Yes there is still work to be done on all three projects, but they are all small and will be quick enough to finish (hopefully whilst I am off for the last weeks of the school holidays) 

Happy Quilting!


Inspiredbyfelix said...

I have absolutely no idea how you did that wonderful top piece! it looks fab though, can you enlighten us?

gill said...

I love the piece you did with Alicia Merrett - I would love to do a workshop with her!

Flying Blind... said...

That all looks like way too much fun!
I love the seascape.

Sarah said...

really love that first piece... was that done with soluble stuff on top?

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

Three courses? Lucky thing! I only managed to whiz round the quilts and spend some money!

QuiltSwissy said...

I just LOVE Noriko Endo! I have wanted to take a class from her forever, you lucky girl!

glen: oh yes, everything else is marvelous as well!

Judith said...

Oh these are lovely, especially like the confetti one! Jxo

Archie the wonder dog said...

They're all wonderful but the first piece is astounding...absolutely amazing!