Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas came early!

I mentioned a couple of months ago that I had joined in the Fall Mini Quilt Swap. My own little quilt is still in the making and I must get if finished before the end of the month! But I was so surprised when I got this parcel in the mail!

Thank you Nikki, I am thrilled with the quilt as well as all the other goodies you sent.

The stitching detail around each leaf is stunning, and the quilting is really beautiful.
Nikki thank you so much for this beautiful quilt, I am truly thankful.

We had snow, it's an unusual occurrence and one that tends to bring the country to a stand still it's become such a rarity. I love a crisp bright morning, don't you?

Later that day... just for 20 minutes or so....

The visibility was so poor, it was hard to capture. It stopped as abruptly as it started. But it's always so peaceful when it snows.
We got the tree up :o) A strange mix of ornaments collected over many years from many countries. I really must get a new tree topper for next year!

My friend asked me to make a bag for her granddaughter. Girls of a certain age just love purple! (grin) I hope she likes it.

I had a great day yesterday with my friends from Expedition Quilt Art out in the Fens. I have been slacking (big style) on my City and Guilds studies. Dear Sweetiepie got us some very useful gifts, one of which is now set up next to my dining table, (yes, that will be the one that is also the sewing table, cutting table, homework table, and the sitting round and chatting table,... THE table). Thank you, there is definitely one way to motivate, and that is to visually focus, so I added a little visual organisation of my own :)

Now I can focus on what has to be done, trial ideas, set some deadlines, and with a little creative license and some spare wadding, a design wall! What a perfect present. Thank you both so much for your encouragement, support and inspiration :)
Christmas really has come early!
Happy Quilting!



Merry Christmas Trudi!! 20 minutes of snow, counts for a white Christmas! ;-)
I hope you have a joyous holiday! hugs

Lis said...

What a lovely quilt.
Have a very Happy Christmas Trudi and a Happy Quilting New Year.
love Lis x