Thursday, 29 January 2009

Two in One Quilts

Whilst I was sewing all the clues for Double delight I had a light bulb moment with Bonnie's 'leaders and enders'. I had started another of Bonnie's patters 'Smokey Mountain Stars' way back last year. I decided that I would use these blocks as my leaders and enders. So whilst focusing on one quilt project I was actually completing all the components for another, without even noticing. So, as you can see, all the piecing parts have been done, and now I am ready to lay out the blocks and start piecing it together.
So this coming weekend, not only with I be taking part in Bonnie's Superbowl Sunday Quiltathon, I plan to focus on another top to complete. In the mean time, I have another ongoing project as my 'leaders and enders'. Thanks Bonnie, I am now completing twice as many quilts without even trying. :o) For those that are reading this, I would highly recommend you look up Bonnie's Site and read about her leaders and enders.


Chubby Mummy said...

Are you going to be doing the twisty one Bonnie has on her blog? My machine is up and out today - yeah - I might participate in this -- I have lots of 2.5" strips!

Trudi said...

Yes I am :o) I signed up when it was Blue Horizon, before Bonnie had said which pattern she was doing, so I will be doing 'Star Struck' in blues and yellow instead of red. My fabrics have been cut for a week or so, all ready to start in the morning. I'm looking forward to seeing how quickly I can get this one done. I'll be using another quilt as leaders and enders, so I can get 2 in 1 again.